Through Pencil Case Studios there are a lot of ways I can serve you. While I do have some prepackaged offerings, it is impossible to make one that will fit everyone.

My focus is on digital content design, development and management. You probably don’t want to call me to make you a dress, build your cottage or walk your dog but as long as your need is digital, I'm happy to give you some insight.

To start the conversation, I like to ask the question, “How can I help?”…

Website Design and Development


First things first … Pencil Case Studios started out as a website design and development studio. If it is not blatantly obvious, I the web!

All the sites created are responsive. Responsive design matters a great deal for Zambia because more people access the web from a mobile device. Responsive design allows me to work on a single code-base that displays a readable and presentable version of the site regardless of how big or small your screen is.

Sites are done at a monthly subscription of ZMW2,520.00/month with payment upfront.

The subscription covers website design, website development, body copy, backups, maintenance, uptime monitoring, analytics, security and more. As such, Pencil Case Studios is a “full stack” website studio.

In no particular order, here are some of the technologies and services that Pencil Case Studios uses. You will notice the heavy leaning toward Open Source software:

Ubuntu Linux


Amazon Web Services

Ruby on Rails

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Domain Name Management


To help you build your identity online, Pencil Case Studios can help you buy and set up a domain name. The domain name you choose becomes your own slice of the Internet. Examples you know and love are names like and

There are hundreds of domain extensions that are now available for you to choose from. Conventionally, you could use a .com, .net or .org. Now you can add your own quirky stamp by using a .xyz or even .space! If you are in Zambia, I recommend that you use a or a Local domains have had a reputation for being unreliable but this is a myth and actually works in your favour as popular names are still available (sssh, don't tell anybody!).

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Domain Name Services

Case-by-case pricing

Once you have a domain name registered and setup, you will probably want to set up email for your domain. It does not send a consistent message when an organisation has their website at sending email from [email protected] or [email protected]. Pencil Case Studios can help you create consistency in your online identity.

In addition to email, you may want to set up tools for team collaboration and communicating with your clients. This may include setting up and email newsletter, shared calendars, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, video-conferencing, instant messaging, file-sharing and more. I can help you with these too.

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Social Media Management


Once upon a time, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was the name of the game. To many it still is. More relevant to today’s Internet user is the the social layer of being on the web. People want to participate in the conversation and do not want to be talked at but talked to. Web presence has evolved from being a billboard into being a conversation.

THis is how Pencil Case Studios looks at social media.

* Using the Zambian standard, five-day work week.

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Twitter can be great way to check-in on moments and what is happening at a given moment. At present, it is difficult to get that kind of information in Zambia. With Pencil Case Studios, I would like to change that. If you have an event that could use engagement with Zambians out of town or in the diaspora, live-Tweeting could set you apart from every other event happening in Zambia right now.

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Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years. I had every intention of leaving it as just that until I got repeated requests from people offering to give me money to take photos for them. How could I refuse?

I have a particular style and like to be selective of the clients and subjects I photograph. Please have a look at the Pencil Case Studios photography portfolio before getting in touch. If you like what you see, we just might be a good fit.

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Technology Consulting


Zambia is ripe for technology innovation. Since the start of Pencil Case Studios, I have had a unique perspective of our technology industry—I have worked in the industry, collaborated on technology projects, taught workshops on how to use Social Media and Open Source technology and eventually became a founder of BongoHive. I believe that Open Source offers Zambia its most powerful platform for innovation.

I’d be honoured to share my perspective and offer insight on information and technology communication in Zambia.

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