About Pencil Case Studios

Silumesii Maboshe *

My name is Silumesii Maboshe.
Pencil Case Studios is my creative outlet.

A little bit of history

I came up with the name “Pencil Case Studios” in 2007 while at University doing Computing Science. I would do small web development projects for extra income.

It was more of a hobby than anything. I had to teach myself the basics and enjoyed tinkering. Most of my first work was for free. It wasn’t until people started to recommend me to do sites that I realised that I could be trusted to do a job and that I was getting good at building websites.

Picking a name for my company was a fun and creative exercise. I played around with the name “Sweet Potato” as well. After doing a poll with my friends, “Pencil Case Studios” won out. At the time, I had been in school almost all of my life. The name is a reminder that I am always a student.

The name game

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* My avatar is from Face Your Manga.

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