Online Forms

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

by Silumesii Maboshe

Every nine weeks or so, a PHP developer will ask me to help with an online form they are having challenges with. I have not used PHP in several months. Evidently, my transition to Ruby is almost complete.

I don’t get any Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl,… developers asking this question. It makes me wonder if there is something in the culture of PHP that makes one want to re-invent the wheel. Could it have something to do with its recursive name? Just look at the hundreds of CMSs written in PHP. And still, there are new ones being written. I’m guilty of having written one myself.

Online forms are not always fun to do. Thankfully, there are shrink-wrapped solutions you can use. Here are some that I have used (in chronological order of when I first used them).

Online Form Tools

Here are three tools I’ve personally used. As it happens, I seemed to “graduate” from one to the next. Right now, I actively use Wufoo and Google Forms.

  1. Form To Email
  2. Form To Email Remote
  3. Wufoo
  4. Google Forms

Other Online Response and Feedback Capturing Tools

While I’d recommend any of the tools above, it doesn’t hurt to shop around. Find something that fits your specific needs. Here are some suggestions to help you start your own treasure hunt.

  1. Survey Monkey
  2. Formspring
  3. Disqus

Just felt like sharing. Hope this is useful to you. I still have love for PHP!