Trigger-happy Tuesday

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

by Silumesii Maboshe

Do you own a camera? Are you currently in Zambia? I’d like you to share in a photography survey with me.

A photography survey for the developing world

A year ago, Georgina Smith, a freelance journalist, asked me to participate in a survey. The survey looked at how photography in Zambia might differ from other regions:

Photography from the developing/majority world - how it differs from other representations

Does photography from African countries conform to stereotypes? To what extent does negative representation of the continent have a social impact?

  1. Do you think that Zambia, and Africa as a continent, is represented negatively in the international media?
  2. Do you think that stereotypes are often reinforced? Can you give an example?
  3. Do you think this has any impact on society in general? If yes, why?
  4. Do you think there is any difference between the way local photographers take pictures representing the country / continent, and the way foreigners represent it?
  5. Do you try and represent a different view of Zambia or Africa when you make photographs?
  6. If yes, how do you do this? Do you encounter any challenges in doing this?
  7. If you could change current stereotypes of Africa, what would they be and why?

I submitted my responses to Georgina and am yet to hear back from her on the results (did I pass?). No matter, she has a busy schedule. However, it has inspired me to see what you think of the survey.

Let’s answer the survey

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, why don’t we answer the questions using pictures.

  1. Use the photo-sharing tool of your choice (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, DropBox …) and post pictures on any (or every) Tuesday for the next six months.
  2. The picture must be taken by you and must be taken in Zambia. They can be of anything you want to share.
  3. Tag the photo #THTZ (Trigger-happy Tuesday).
  4. (Optional) Drop me a note and let me know you are taking part

*Hint—if you’d like to schedule uploading your photos, you can use a tool like Parade.

That’s it!

We’ll run this until Tuesday, 4th September 2012, and see what we can look back on.

See you then.