How do you spell "Success"?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

by Silumesii Maboshe

Meanwood Finance is a financial company that gives Zambians various ways to borrow money. I find that the design of their website is engaging. Traditionally, websites that have anything to do with banking are boring. Meanwood Finance is refreshing.

I noticed a spelling error on their website on my first visit—“success” was spelled “seccess”. If I could have noticed it then the developer would have too and would be doing something about it … I assumed.

Days later, a second visit and the typo seemed to me the only thing visible. Mustering enough courage to contact Brand Central Zambia, the site developers, I explained that I liked the site but not the typo. They kindly responded, indicating that the correction would be made. I had been a good citizen of the Zambian World Wide Web. Progress!

A month later and the typo was still there seemingly larger and bolder. I emailed the company themselves. No response. No correcting of the typo.

Meanwood Finance appears to be a fantastic financial institution. Brand Central Zambia have an outstanding web portfolio. Alas, here we are.

I am tempted to extrapolate this series of events in to an essay on how Zambia is where it is because:

  1. we do not pay attention to detail
  2. we do not follow-through on the things we say we will do.

Can someone help me to see this situation for what it really is?