Monday, 1 March 2010

by Silumesii Maboshe

I remember sitting down and imagining what I wanted Pencil Case Studios to become. I had organisational charts, lists of people to work with, income estimates and all sorts of intricate details that could only be real in my mind.

Here is the staff I imagined having on the team, intelligent, multi-cultural, vibrant and ready to take on the world:

Ajay Alessandro Annabella Arnaquq Atawhai Comfort Effort Ernesto Florence Gaia Gloria Hendrik Kalevi Khethiwe Malaika Mark Meredith Patience Simon Sonomono Sunday Tai Takumi Yasemin

At one point many of them had actual email addresses and FaceBook profiles! Great, but none of it real.

There is something to be said for the power of an idea or imagination. However, living in the future is a sure-fire way to frustrate the business of living now.

If dreams are like kites, then there has to be some kind of anchor to hold them down—something tangible to hold us over until “that day”.

To that effect, I stripped the Studio down to its bare essentials. If I had ten seconds to talk about what this was about what would I say?

“Pencil Case Studios is a website development studio”.

It has a bit of a ring to it, don’t you think!

Materialising the dream in to small, actionable parts gave me the space to actually do some work in today. Every now and then I can dream about what could be.